Currency Rates in Pakistan

Check Today's Currency Rate Pakistan Rupees online. Forex Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan for Major USD GBP EUR SAR and AED Conversion rate. pick out all big Daily Currency Exchange Rates in Pakistan Today on one page. You can convert all USD dollar in pkr, GBP in Pkr, EUR in Pkr, Saudi Ryal SAR in PKR and all Major currency rates & Prices in Pakistani Rupees here.

Live Today Currency Rate in Pakistani Rupees

Currency PKR Rate
USD Rs.104.8500
EUR Rs.117.1600
GBP Rs.132.8450
JPY Rs.0.9412
CAD Rs.78.7330
AUD Rs.79.0360
CNY Rs.15.3176
AED Rs.28.5270
SAR Rs.27.9030
QAR Rs.28.5150
KWD Rs.344.5100
OMR Rs.272.2200
BHD Rs.277.7500
SEK Rs.11.9724
CHF Rs.107.8060
NOK Rs.12.3340