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All Rs.100 Prize bond Result of Past draws:

Here you can download all Rs. Prize bond Result 100 of Past results by This least-value prize bond in Pakistan having the lowest value from all denominations. This is also called the Student Welfare Prize bond in short terms. This prize bond has also a good amount of Prize in lakhs. The first prize is given to only one number that has a value of Rs.700,000. The second prize is given to three numbers and has a value of Rs.200,000. The Third prize comprises 1199 prizes that have the amount of Prize. Rs.1,000/.

These 100 PKR bonds are like the cheapest of the lot, and every three months, they announce if you won something or not. If you’re thinking of buying one, just hit up your nearest bank. But remember, they stop selling these bonds 60 days before the draw date. For all the savers, like when the draw is happening, check out the official website.

 Prize bond List 100 online

To check if you won, you gotta go online and look for the draw number. The schedule and the Prize Bond List 100 2024 are on the State Bank’s website. You can cash in your bonds at any bank whenever you want. Plus, you get a shot at winning some cool prizes. The government started this to help people save money, and they use our money for national stuff. If you’re lucky, you could win big and change your life! These bonds are as good as cash, so you can use ‘them like regular money.

On this page, you can find out all Prize Bond Result 100 by National Savings of Pakistan with the First Second, and Third prize winners list. All draws of rupee 100 are sorted date-wise and the complete result will be available on the respective page. The Student Welfare 100 Prize bond list can be seen in the below drop-down page.

                         DRAW OF Rs.100/- PRIZE BOND
                               HELD AT LAHORE
Draw No.:  46th                                               
Series  : COMMON DRAW            			Date : 15/05/2024

First Prize of Rs. 700,000/-


Second Prize of Rs.200,000/- Each

180042 184679 392438

Third Prizes of Rs.1,000/- Each (1199 Prizes)

Check All Prize bond Result 100 below for all recent and past Draws:

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