Launch of ‘Sunwai’ Portal for Solving Bank Customer Problems

SBP customer complaint service portal 'Sunwai' App informationThe State Bank has introduced a new portal named ‘Sunwai’ to help solve problems faced by bank customers. State Bank of Pakistan introduced ‘Sunwai’, a portal App for customer complaints.

What is ‘Sunwai’?

‘Sunwai’ is a special service that acts like a single place where bank customers can share their issues. It is for customers of regular banks, microfinance banks, and development finance institutions (DFIs) in Pakistan.

How will Sunwai Portal Work?

The State Bank’s representative explained that through ‘Sunwai’, customers can easily tell about any issues they have with different banking services. This includes problems with Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) too.

‘Sunwai’ is like a special help desk. If you have any trouble with banks, small loan banks (Microfinance Banks), or big money institutions (Development Financial Institutions), you can use ‘Sunwai’ to say what’s wrong. You can tell them if you have any problems with things the bank does or gives, like Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA). They will try to fix it fast.

You can use ‘Sunwai’ on your computer or your phone. It works on both Android and iOS phones. You can tell them your problems in English or Urdu, whatever you like. When you tell them your problem, they give you a special number to keep track of it. They will send you this number by text message or email.

Banks have to listen to what you say on ‘Sunwai’ and try to make it right quickly, as the SBP says. ‘Sunwai’ is made to help you trust banks more and make sure they listen to your problems. Not just on computers, but ‘Sunwai’ can also be used on mobile phones. It has apps for both Android and iOS. This means people can use it wherever they are, at any time.

When filing a complaint, customers can choose to do so in either English or Urdu, whatever is easier for them. This new portal is a big step towards making sure that customers’ banking problems are listened to and solved quickly and easily.

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