Survey Starts Across Pakistan to Register People Who Don’t File Taxes

Karachi: There’s important news for people who haven’t filed their income tax returns. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the government office that handles taxes, is starting to take serious steps against those who don’t file taxes. Nationwide survey launched for registration of non-filers

The FBR has given a warning: if you haven’t filed your income tax, you might face some big problems. These could include not being able to use your bank account, not being allowed on motorways for travel within Pakistan, and even a ban on flying to other countries.

What’s happening now is that the FBR is going all over Pakistan, looking at businesses and places where people work. They want to find out who hasn’t filed their taxes. This process is called a survey. Their main goal is to get these non-filers to register with the tax office.

If you haven’t filed your taxes, you need to go to the nearest tax office and get yourself registered. This means you tell the tax office about your income and start filing tax returns. If you don’t do this, you might have to pay fines (extra money as a penalty), your electricity or gas could be cut off, your bank account could be frozen, and you might not be able to travel on highways or fly to other countries.

This step is taken to make sure everyone who should be paying taxes is doing so. Paying taxes is important because it helps the government have money to build roads, schools, and hospitals, and to provide other services to the people.

So, if you’re someone who earns enough money to pay taxes but haven’t filed them yet, it’s important to take action now. Going to the tax office and getting registered can save you from these big problems and help contribute to the country’s development.

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